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“The predominant subject matter of my work is the feminine experience and aesthetic. Specifically, I’ve lately been focused on internalization of feminine aesthetics; how they are formed, manipulated, and pressed into the fabric of human understanding. Young girls are often told they should ‘be a lady’, along with many other signifiers steeped in gender bias. What does is mean to ‘be a lady’? What does it look like to be feminine and who creates that image? My paintings explore the lines and forms referenced in a set of particular proposed feminine ideals, specifically fashion and bridal style magazines. Objectivity is fundamental to our culture’s understanding of feminine aesthetics. Some of my paintings play with using raw negative space in order to objectify the positive space. Certain color palettes are often earmarked for facets of feminine industry. As a side hustle, I periodically arrange flowers for weddings. Pale pinks, ivory, and salmon with an occasional ‘pop’ of deep purple, have become iconic, if not ubiquitous, bridal identifiers. These colors repeat throughout my work, while varying viscosity and opacity of paint is used to mimic the fluidity of bridal and couture fabric, as well as a woman’s ever shifting understanding of her place and acceptability in our culture’s scripted needs.”

“I have always utilized degrees of improvisation in my painting process, working back and forth from a figurative or subtly suggestive visual language, to complete and non-geometric abstraction. My paintings are a conversation within themselves, each mark provoking its unique set of intuitive, often spontaneous responses. Aside from the first marks, each decision is reliant on the outcome of the prior. I want to connect with a segment of human experience that is fluid rather than logical or predictable; those spaces of life where circumstance, often our interaction with culture and other human beings, is wildly or constantly altering the essence of one’s being.”

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Selected Showings

Kerlerec House New Orleans, LA 2016 - 2019

Arabella Casa di Pasta New Orleans, LA 2017 - 2019

Fem and Flutter French Quarter Film House, New Orleans, LA 2015

Terrestrial French Quarter Film House, New Orleans, LA 2015

Art for Africa: A Fundraiser Personal Residence, Washington, DC 2010

Feminine Presence Menocaul Studio, Washington, DC 2010

MA Thesis Exhibition Commons Gallery, New York, NY 2009

Truth and Beauty Commons Gallery, New York, NY 2009


Amy Vreeland, True School Studio New Orleans, LA 2016 - 2018

Carl and Lauren Traub New Orleans, LA 2016

Michael and Naomi Skena Washington, DC 2013

John and Karen Williams McLean, VA 2010

Nelson and Anne Smith Washington, DC 2010


Walter L Cohen College Prep High School January 2015 - Present

Michele Clark Magnet High School September 2013 - June 2014  Chicago, IL

Mary Gage Peterson Elementary School September 2012 - May 2013 Chicago, IL

Luke C. Moore Alternative High School September 2009 - August 2012 Washington, DC


Davis Carter Scott September 2003 - August 2007 McLean, Virginia